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Have you ever felt like you needed to change up your day but felt paralyzed as to HOW to actually make any changes? If you feel stuck in a holding pattern and feel like you don’t know how or when to get started, this simple instructional guide is the way to make real changes that will positively impact your days. Follow along, implement the simple steps and you’ll have a brand new workable schedule that actually works for YOU!


• SCHEDULE RESET EASY PRINT - want to print everything out at once? The easy print is a combined document sure to make printing simple and easy. 
• SCHEDULE RESET COVER PAGE - keep your guide in a binder with this attractive cover.
• INSTRUCTIONS – The instructions give a basic idea of what will be covered and some inspiration and suggestions for resetting your schedule. 
• SIMPLE STEPS – step by step instructions for working through the Schedule Reset Guide.
• BRAINSTORMING PAGE - broadly evaluate what you want to change and what isn’t working in your current schedule. 
• TIME TRACKER for a week – perfect for zeroing in on where changes need to be made.
• GOALS PAGE – 2 pages included, one blank and one with prompts. 
• HABIT PAGE – Start a new habit or two with this easy to use tracker
• WEEKLY planner – look at your whole week at a glance – complete with a space for meals, daily tasks, and time slots
• DAILY planner – simple, attractive format perfect for resetting your schedule
• SANITY SAVER sheet - After you’ve made goals and evaluated your schedule, it’s time to look at what your musts and don’ts are. Reflect on what is working, what isn’t working, and what needs to change. 

*These documents are as shown and not custom.*


Simply print and enjoy! The file is yours to print as many times as you need or want!

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