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Oxygen Whitener | lemon

Product image 1Oxygen Whitener |  lemon
Product image 2Oxygen Whitener |  lemon
Product image 3Oxygen Whitener |  lemon
Product image 4Oxygen Whitener |  lemon
Product image 5Oxygen Whitener |  lemon

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Looking for a safe and natural laundry whitener? Want to brighten up your whites? A scoop or two of Oxygen Whitener will do the trick!


Clean Mama’s Oxygen Whitener uses sodium percarbonate and other earth derived ingredients to aid in breaking down the hard water minerals to bring back your whites!  It is color safe but it is recommended that you test a small spot on your colored laundry to ensure fabric compatibility.


  • Add 1 scoop to every load of whites.
  • Add 2 scoops for an especially dingy or dirty load.
  • For stains, wet fabric with water, sprinkle or make a paste and rub directly into stains. Rinse and launder as usual.


  • Sprinkle a scoop or two in your toilet, let it sit for a bit, scrub and flush.
  • For soap scum and mineral deposits, wet surface, sprinkle with the powder and scrub clean. 
  • For tile and grout, wet surface, sprinkle and scrub. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
  • Mix 1 scoop with a gallon of hot water to mop floors.
  • Add 1 scoop to hot water in a carpet machine to shampoo carpets.

INGREDIENTS: sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, and pure lemon essential oil

Cruelty Free + Vegan | Net Weight 2.53 lbs

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